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Relaxing Days in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the perfect place to get away from the woes of everyday life. Situated along the Adriatic sea, immaculate pebble and sand beaches with crystal clear water are plentiful, and will definitely succeed at washing away stress.  Continue reading “Relaxing Days in Dubrovnik”


Enjoying Autumn In Budapest

Budapest  – The capital of Hungary. Romantic, artistic and relaxing, the two sides of the city are connected by the enchanting river Danube. There was so much to explore, from castles to Turkish baths, great food and even better city views.  Continue reading “Enjoying Autumn In Budapest”

Barcelona – A City Of Great Food, Culture And Architecture.

Barcelona was my first official solo holiday. I felt the usual build up of restlessness that generally comes after a few months of not travelling somewhere, and decided to take the plunge. No one was free to fit in a last minute holiday, and the flights were so cheap for that time of year. I purchased the tickets, kind of like the impulse purchases one might normally make while queuing at H&M, and decided to just go with the flow.  Continue reading “Barcelona – A City Of Great Food, Culture And Architecture.”

Capri Island, Sorrento and Napoli.

I had been living in Italy for three months when my mum decided to come and visit. Beautiful scenery, plenty of coffee and hours of exploring made for the perfect six day trip to one of most famous parts of Italy. Continue reading “Capri Island, Sorrento and Napoli.”

Istanbul, Istanbul, Where East Meets West.

I found my home away from home in Istanbul. Having travelled to Turkey numerous times before, but always to coastal towns, I was intrigued to find out what this history filled city had to offer. Safe to say I was not disappointed. Continue reading “Istanbul, Istanbul, Where East Meets West.”

It’s An Empire State Of Mind – New York

In the second year of my Journalism degree, the university gave us the option to go to New York. The trip was planned for the middle of December, Christmas in Manhattan…Who could say no to that?  Continue reading “It’s An Empire State Of Mind – New York”

Meandering Through Marakesh

Marakesh…A heaven for shoppers who love to root and rummage, hence why I decided to return for a second time to this hectic, bustling city. Continue reading “Meandering Through Marakesh”

The Pyramids And A Taste of Arab Culture -Ismailia And Cairo, Egypt.

Travelling to Egypt was kind of a last minute plan. My best friend (who is half Egyptian) had moved there and it didn’t take long for me to establish a plan to visit, any excuse for a holiday! I went for around 12 days, and my friend, Nadia, had invited me to stay with her and her relatives. I was excited at the prospect of seeing how the locals lived instead of staying in a hotel. Continue reading “The Pyramids And A Taste of Arab Culture -Ismailia And Cairo, Egypt.”

Culture Shock – Pakistan

This is my first post on this blog. I chose to start with Pakistan, even though I have been fortunate to travel to many other places since, this trip is the one that has stayed with me throughout.

I arrived in Lahore expecting a city filled with religion and culture, and I did indeed find that, but not in the way I had expected. What I found instead was a nation transitioning in to the modern world.  Continue reading “Culture Shock – Pakistan”

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